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Adriano Campestrini

Principal Trainer

21 October, 2022



Making it Flow With Kanban in a Big Bank 

This case study is about implementing common sense changes where they were needed. More than a success story that started with Scrum, switched to Kanban and scaled, it’s a 3-year long story about simplicity, precise and data-driven changes, leading to a successful roll-out of a new system to the whole bank, where everything contributed to a failure full of excuses: bureaucracy, legacy, lack of support and resistance.

From no users in production to roll out of the whole bank. From no user involvement to UX-driven. From poor to great (according to users). From a lead time of 118 days to 12 days. This session will fill the gap between from & to, going through dissatisfactions, demand/capacity analysis, evolution with policies, managing the upstream, decoupling delivery cadence and years of complete measurement (CFD, histogram, WIP run chart, release burndown), from estimates to SLAs.


Key take aways

  • How to fly an agile transformation under the radar in big bank.

  • How we’ve made to resurrect a team from consecutive failures, null moral and high turn over.

  • How to strategically setup a roll-out plan.

  • Dealing with scope creep by applying policies to the upstream.

  • Align long-term vision in a team operating in a Kanban system.

  • How we stopped estimating and provided SLAs for software development.

  • How to reduced lead time and increase predictability by identifying patterns in your service.


Passionate about software engineering, agile and leadership! Sometimes I feel like a morning person that sleeps late, but at the same time someone once said I’m a goal setter & go-getter!

With over 20 years of experience in software based businesses, both in technical and leadership roles, I’m considered a creative professional naturally guided by values such as transparency and commitment.

Entrepreneur, I've founded and sold my own company. Meanwhile I’ve trained and certified hundreds of professionals in agile methods in official Scrum Master, Product Owner, SAFe and Kanban certifications.

I have also led many development teams/projects/programs/services with an agile style of leadership. My experiences enables me to communicate with all IT market spectrum: from developers and infrastructure professionals due to my technical backgrounds, reaching up to senior management levels due to experiences in areas such as marketing/sales strategies, governance and leadership.

Currently I’m in the middle of a professional transition, giving one step back while moving from Brazil to Europe. The 2 steps forward are WIP.

Kitle ve Okutman






​A Systems Thinking Conference

Let’s deep dive into how to approach complex problem solving.



20th October 2022

21th October 2022


Elite World Asia İstanbul


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