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Akgün Yılmaz

Co-founder of Agile Coaching Waves ACSTH
@Key For Teams

20 October, 2022

Elite World Asia, Istanbul


From Transactional Leadership to

Transformational Leadership Mindset

We all know about VUCA World and change is inevitable, it’s hard to adapt to change and change ourselves. Organizations struggle with resistance in people, teams, and leaders who usually don’t accept their response as resistance. We need full engagement from the teams and leaders for a healthy transformation. In human psychology, people engage with the things they believe in and sense-making for them therefore organizations have to speak to people’s inner voices and nudge the sense of urgency in them. Then people take the responsibility and lead the change even if they are managers or team members.


This will make the transformations sustainable.Even though the decision of transformation comes from the top management, everyone in the organization has their own “transformation journey” in their life. Therefore it’s essential to meet the “call for adventure” in people to create space for them to find meaning in the transformation. It’s crucial to create psychological safety in the organization to hear unpopular voices. Deep democracy allows the organizations to understand and get real support and engagement from people. As we all know, leadership is not related to management. We need spontaneous leadership in the organization to serve wholeness. People need to have an opportunity to take a role in collective leadership.


I’m an energetic and passionate change agent who supports leaders and teams adopting change with the new ways of working, agile mindset, and agile practices. I believe in lifetime learning therefore I'm always on the search for new techniques to support myself, leaders, and teams to unleash the full potential and develop agility. I focus on understanding humans and nudging the change-behavior in people via neuroscience techniques. Meanwhile, I work with the relationship dynamics to resolve conflicts and team building, develop test&learn approach, problem-solving skills and create a feedback culture within the organization during their transformational journey. 

25+ years of industry experience across large-scale financial institutions including investment banks, FMCG, aviation, small and mid-size software houses, and consultancies.

I am the MCC (Master Certified Coach by ICF) credential-holder with more than 3000 hours of coaching experience with teams and executives. I am also TDA (Team Diagnostic Assessment Tool) and LCP (Leadership Circle Profile) practitioner. 

My mission is to support my business partners in achieving their goals through consulting, training, and coaching.

Summary of successful impacts:

* Encouraged and trained people in the use of agile techniques and collaboration tools to reduce time spent within the project/program delivery flow.
* Helped multiple teams and leaders to feel empowered and truly experience success by applying agile techniques.
* Designed and coached all levels in transformational leadership skills to develop agile leadership with their adaptability to change and fluidity according to the needs in transformations.
* Supported Agile Leaders how to build a bridge between the traditional way of working and the agile way of working to lead the transformation and manage the change by engaging people.
* Run "coach the coaches" programs for Agile Coaches to develop their coaching skills while implementing agile techniques and scaling in the organization.
* Worked for increasing enterprise effectiveness and success by maximizing value and creating self-managed teams.
* Supported organizations to create psychological safety for the people to develop and encourage a "try and learn" culture. 
* Designed value-driven approach and customer-centric feedback loops.


Expertise in: Transformation Management, Agile Coaching, Scaling Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Lean Portfolio & Program Management, Team & Executive Coaching, Employee Engagement, Culture-Change Management.

Kitle ve Okutman






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Let’s deep dive into how to approach complex problem solving.



20th October 2022

21th October 2022


Elite World Asia İstanbul


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