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Business Agility Engineer 

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From Agile Teams to Great Services

Customer happiness depends on a close relationship between the service and the value streams on which they are located.


All activities begin with understanding the customer's expectations. Value stream is determined in line with the customer's expectations.


If the value stream is not tailored to the customer's expectations or if there are many unnecessary activities on the value stream, this can negatively affect the customer. Services are needed in order for things to flow in line with expectations on the value stream. Team(s) are important elements that enable these services to be provided. In this talk we investigate minimum 3 practices in order scale agility to whole organization.


What are they?

(1) Pull system

(2) Up-to-date SLA

(3) Cadence.



Technologist, an experienced Agile Consultant and Coach with a passion for helping teams and organisations succeed and meet their full potential. 15 years of high tech industry experience with 5 years leading cultural lean/agile adoption, applied systems thinking and creating predictable software engineering communities of practice in organizations.