6-10 Dec,2021 I Online


Avinash Rao

VP of Products

  • Heyecan - Beyaz Çember
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Kanban In the Age of AI         

Increasingly, AI driven process interventions are driving improvements in industry workflows. There are two ways of AIadoption - adoption can be via new analytic applications, or via a redesign of existing work processes. We see that AI adoption often mirrors existing workflows - which means that we will see them becoming part of workflows that are visualised and managed via Kanban. 

In this session we will look at how headless AI architectures are driving process steps and redesign of workflows, and how that integrates with Kanban. We will also look at what demands will be made on Kanban and on some of the metrics we hold dear in the Kanban community.


Avinash Rao leads product management at Digite and is a DevOps and Agile Transformation Leader and Enterprise Agility Expert, with 22 years of IT Development and Transformation experience. A DevOps Institute Ambassador, Avinash holds the Blackblot Master Product Management Professional credential; he is also Kanban University KMP-2 Certified, a DASA Certified DevOps Coach and DOI SRE Foundation certified.

Avinash is a thought leader who speaks frequently in industry forums and has deep expertise in achieving Enterprise Agility at scale.