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Sponsoring puts your company in front of a global audience, enabling you to connect with an international audience of Agile experts and practitioners around the globe.

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Kanbanize is enterprise-ready Kanban software for agile project, product and portfolio management. It provides visibility across all teams, connects strategy with execution, and helps teams deliver faster. Built upon the idea that all processes evolve, Kanbanize can easily adapt to changes in your organization, regardless of it being a start-up or a fortune 100 enterprise.

Equipped with the most advanced feature set in the industry and a support team that is second to none, Kanbanize is a trusted vendor for more than 1000 companies and 200+ partners all over the world.

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One of Turkey's leading private pension and life insurance companies, AgeSA Hayat ve Emeklilik A.Ş. was established on 31 October 2007. AgeSA, the joint investment company of Sabancı Holding, Turkey's local strength, and of Ageas, Belgian insurance company, serves in the sector of private pension and life insurances.



Kata is the scientific method that encourages individuals to think and develop for continuous improvement.

In today's fast-moving and crowded global market, implementing and maintaining true continuous improvement strategies is vital for organizations to thrive and grow. Creating a proactive problem-solving culture improves the ability to create higher quality, more valuable products and services more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.



Through a unique and highly effective delivery methodology, Our clients are more agile and responsive, enabling real-time marketing and innovation on a 24x7 basis. Kanban University certified training that helps your organization to deliver on its commitment to customers. More information about Agile Kanban İstanbul is available at

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