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Agile Society Turkey

#AgileSocietyTurkey Community Vision: To work to spread agile approaches and to minimize existing misconceptions, to produce, share and maintain documentation, services and results that everyone can use free of charge for this purpose.

About Agile Society Turkey Community: The Agile Society Turkey community was founded as a non-profit organization focused on the benefit of society.

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Kata School Turkiye

Kata is the scientific method that encourages individuals to think and develop for continuous improvement.

In today's fast-moving and crowded global market, implementing and maintaining true continuous improvement strategies is vital for organizations to thrive and grow. Creating a proactive problem-solving culture improves the ability to create higher quality, more valuable products and services more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.


T4A Agile Training & Consulting

We believe in Agility. Agile is transforming the world of work. We give all our effort to transform the business world. The secret behind our success is our expertise, which separate us from others. We provide only Agile coaching and training services. The focus of our Agile services is to guide organizations to create value

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