6-10 Dec,2021 I Online


Çağlagül Turhan

Agile Coach 

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Organisational Maturity is Limited with Your Leadership Maturity

“Organisational maturity is limited with your leadership maturity” says Kanban Maturity Model, beside saying “Deeper maturity sets you free”. To be free, it is needed to act contributor leadership and leadership act at all levels. Sometimes it is not so difficult to fluctuate between Victim mentality and Contributor Mentality. The most important capital for contributor mentality is social cohesion/trust of the group.

In this session, you’ll get the idea of why victim mentality is triggered, what is underneath by understanding the dysfunction triangle of the group psychology, starting from your own. In addition to this, the helpers for swithcing to contributor mentality will be explained. The session will be interactive to make you start to understand yourself and through this awareness, make you understand the group. The relation between KMM, Leadership maturity model, the social cohesion and transactional analysis theory will be discussed. 


Çağlagül has been working appx. 6 years and coaching both IT and nonIT teams in various kinds of industries such as; technology, retail, manufacturing, oil&gas. Since she could not restrain her learning and curiosity throughout her life, she started her academic life from an electronical engineer Bsc, than completed MBA and clinical psychology master's degree. After her individual and team coaching experiences, she recognized agile coaching as a wonderful field in which she could combine her experiences with coaching. She helps organisations to achieve business agility by coaching teams and leadership. She helps organisations to create better and faster decision making, conflict management processes, create trust environment beside agile practices. Currently she is serving as an Agile Coach at ExpleoUK and BP in Azerbaijan. Çağlagül has previously worked at LC waikiki, Keyforteams, Turkcell, Avea, Nortel Networks and Logo Business Solutions. She feels excited and happy at every stage of the transformation, since she thinks that every transformation work forces her to transform herself.