Exclusive Training Program for Conference Attendees
1- Kick start with Kanban Values and Principles

An agile culture is an atmosphere that is supported by core values, principles and practices, enabling all levels of an organisation to better adapt to cultural and strategic changes.  In this section, you will learn the Kanban 9 values and 6 principles details.

2- Visualising the Flow

Kanban is not just a board. Visualizing the different levels of your organization flow is the key  for the successfully implementing Kanban method.  In this section you will learn how to build your first Kanban board and other key parts of the visualization techniques.

3- Limit work in Progress with Push

Limiting work in progress is the hardest part of the Kanban method while introducing it to your organization. In this section, you will learn strong strategies for mitigating applying WIP practice.  Also, you will learn Little's Law so you will be able to  convince others that why applying WIP practice is good for your organization with the mathematical proofs.

4 - Leadership Coaching for Agility

Leadership is a service to be given.

Without effective leadership an organization may not practice the right pattern, or practice ineffectively.  In this section you will develop your leadership skill for supporting team members and organizations as they practice agility. Leadership coaching is practiced by managers, supervisors

and team leaders who want to coach their people in a scientific way of thinking & acting.

5- Feedback loops with KMM

Learn about Kanban cadences and what you need to do to get your team on a path of continuous improvement with Kanban Maturity Level. The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM)l is a new, powerful tool for transformation and improvement using the Kanban Method.

6- Managing the Projects with Kanban

You will learn how to manage your projects with the Kanban method and Kata. Learn the basics of managing projects the Kanban way and stand a chance to dramatically accelerate throughput and results. Ji-Kotei Kanketsu.

7- Scale Kanban Across the Organization

Agility holds the key to success in a disruptive era. In order to reach an agility state, you have to apply Kanban all around the organization but first, you have to understand the domain deeply.  It doesn’t matter what you use at the team level. You have to apply Kanban at the highest level possible.  In this section, you will learn how to scale Kanban in your organization and levels of Kanban.

8- Learning Organization & Transformation

Problem solving is a key ability for an organization. In order to solve complex problems of today, organizations should increase the knowledge threshold systematically by learning continuously.   In this section, you will learn how to transform your organization culture into a learning organization step by step.


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