6-10 Dec,2021 I Online

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David Anderson

CEO at Mauvius Group

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The Secrets of the Kanban Maturity Model

Kanban Pioneer and thought leader David J. Anderson talks about the brand new version of the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) - A Map to Organizational Agility, Resilience, and Reinvention. He shares his insights about the purpose and benefits of the Kanban Maturity Model.


Have you ever tried to implement Kanban, but everyone resisted, and it simply didn't stick? Or maybe you have introduced a Kanban board, and it didn't work. This presentation takes a look at "the secrets of the Kanban Maturity Model" including:


  • Why should you choose the KMM?

  • Where does the model come from?

  • How does the KMM relate to sports coaching?

  • How can you avoid the most common failure modes during Kanban implementations?

  • Where does Scrum fit in on the model?



He is the author and pioneer of the Kanban Method and has more than 30 years’ experience working in the high-technology industry. David has previously worked at IBM, Sprint, Motorola, and Microsoft.

Originator of the Kanban Method, and co-creator of the Kanban Maturity Model, the Fit-for-Purpose Framework and Enterprise Services Planning. David is focused on management training and leadership development in professional services, and intangible goods industries. 

David is the author of 7 leading books on developing the Kanban method for modern businesses. In 2010 he published “KANBAN: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” which is in the top 5 best-selling Agile books of all time.