Exclusive Workshop for Conference Attendees

Kanban Metrics and Their Interpretation in Real Life.

Facilitated by: Sudipta Lahiri, Distinguished Fellow, Kanban University, Head of Engineering and Products, Digite.


Learning objectives:


1. Understand the basis of the popular Kanban Metrics like CFDs, Flow efficiency, Throughput and CT Control charts. Time permitting, we will discuss some of the metrics in ESP (Enterprise Service Planning).


2. Understand how to make sense of what these metrics tell us. What kind of business decisions we need to take based on what these metrics tell us?


How does it work?


1. This will be a combination of hands-on experience and presentation. 


2. Participants will be asked to actually plot these metrics based on a sample data. 


3. As we build the metrics, we will discuss different scenarios in real life and what they reveal. What kind of business decisions need to be made?


Who should participate?


1. Anyone who has been using Kanban board for visualisation with a Value Stream (not just a Task Board) but hasnt taken the next step of data driven continuous improvement based on the Kanban Metrics. 


2. For people who are familiar with the Kanban metrics but haven't really used it as a input for decision making, they will find the 2nd and 3hr of thr workshop most useful.


Team Size: 20 (max) for the 1hr when  we do the hands-on workshop. No limit for the 2nd and 3hr when we go into a presentation and discussion mode.





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