6-10 Dec,2021 I Online


Dimitar Karaivanov

CEO of Kanbanize

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From a CEO to a Farmer

Participating in a Survivor-like reality pushes you to your limits and beyond. Only then, when you are detached from the civilization you've taken for granted throughout your entire existence, can you gain clarity about the most important things in life, while at the same time, showing Kanban to a whole nation.

Living in isolation for almost three months, taught me a life-lesson that is impossible to get elsewhere. It's a lesson my last manager tried to teach me ten years ago, but I wasn't ready. He told me "Human relationships are not processes. They are not to be optimized". He told me that, as I was obsessed with efficiency and I was sacrificing too much to optimize everything.

I've spent two decades of my life focusing on perfecting my craft and striving to be among the best. The same holds true for my company - I've gone a thousand extra miles to make it one of the most performing organizations on Earth. However, after getting out of the show, I realized that we've managed to this with one hand tied behind our backs.

The truth is so simple, yet so profound. We need to stop focusing on building products or services and start focusing on building relationships. This presentation talks about our way of getting there and what amazing results we were able to achieve. Come join us!



Dimitar Karaivanov is a Lean-thinker, a Kanban practitioner, and the CEO and co-founder of Kanbanize. In this episode, Dimitar shared his story on how he got fascinated by the simplicity and the effectiveness of Kanban, which then led him to start Kanbanize. He shared in-depth the concept of Kanban and why Kanban becomes one of the most popular Lean practices. Dimitar then shared about the principles, practices, and anti-patterns behind Kanban, as well as tips on how companies can improve their Kanban practices, including dealing with external dependencies.