6-10 Dec,2021 I Online


Fernando Cuenca

Agile Coach @SquirrelNorth

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Finding your Service Deliver Manager: The Scary Question of "who's responsible for delivery here?"

The role of the Service Delivery Manager is critical to enable higher levels of delivery maturity, and its absence is acknowledged as one of the most common barriers to transitioning to KMM Level 2. When confronting with identifying this role, most organizations find the conversation really challenging.

This talk will describe the meaning of the SDM role as defined in Kanban. We’ll explore how “responsibility” should be interpreted in this context, and through stories of real world companies we’ll describe various implementation patterns that show different levels of effectiveness and exemplify the pitfalls and tade-offs when defining or introducing the role.

Structure of the talk:

  • SDM Role as defined in Kanban, and why it’s important

  • Understanding Responsibility

  • The “algorithm” to find the SDM you already have (or that it’s absent!)

  • Real world stories and implementation patterns



Fernando started as a developer in the early 90s (C++ used to be his best friend), discovered Extreme Programming in the early 2000s, carried the “dev manager” title for a brief time, and became a full time Agile Coach by 2009. By 2015, he felt usual “agile transformation” strategies left many unanswered questions, and he found many of those answers in the Kanban Method. He’s now an Accredited Kanban Consultant and Trainer, and one of the co-founders of SquirrelNorth. When not working with clients, he’s learning to play the harpsichord.