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So What is Kata?

An introduction to the fundamentals behind Toyota Kata as well as an overview of the history and origins. We will cover how Kata links to Lean, and how Scientific Thinking is at the very heart of the practice, and why Toyota themselves, don’t actually ‘do’ Kata.



Gemma started her career studying Mechanical Engineering. She quickly discovered the world of Continuous Improvement and spent 20 years working to improve processes and systems within various manufacturing industries including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Food, and Medical Devices. She has been a CI Manager numerous times and an Operations Manager running a factory of over 500 people.

Gemma is hugely passionate about Manufacturing and strongly believes in Lean Thinking. She gets such a kick out of coaching and facilitating, especially when she sees the lightbulb switch on in someone's head – when they solve a problem; when they realise they have the power to change; or when they get excited about all the improvements they could make. 

In 2018, Gemma left the world of employment to establish her own business, SPARK Improvement, aiming to switch on as many lightbulbs as possible. Her mission is to help organisations be the best they can be, through a combination of Lean Thinking, Toyota Kata, Visual Facilitation, and Experiential Learning. 

Gemma is based in Cheshire in the UK.