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Necmettin Özkan

Team Leader
@Kuveyt Turk

20 October, 2022

Elite World Asia, Istanbul


Scrum, Kanban or a Mix of Both? A Review and Suggestion for Practitioners

Among the Agile methods, Scrum and Kanban are common in software development and they are considered the two most powerful ones influencing the direct results of projects, but in an exclusive way. It is important use methods in supplementary way and integrate them that can yield better results than individual use.

This talk firstly provides an extensive knowledge by investigating the characteristics of 38 empiric-based academic studies  from the practice which involve Scrum and Kanban together by comparing to know their relative strengths and advantages and/or integrating them. This part poses primary information on advantages of each method over another one, the properties including artifacts, roles, and events from Scrum and Kanban in combining them in a hybrid way, the properties of transitions from one to another such as transition directions (such as Scrum to Kanban, Kanban to Scrum or Scrum/Kanban to Hybrid), transition years, and transition reasons. The outputs can be interesting for the industry.

For example, nearly all of my transitioning organizations are moving from Scrum to Kanban or to a hybrid method. Among the reasons for the transitions, the problems experienced with Scrum are remarkable. In comparison, Kanban stands out clearly in a positive way. Almost all of the teams combining the both use flow instead of sprint. And, much more output as such is provided. Secondly,  based on advantages and disadvantages of Scrum and Kanban according to the literature from the first part, I will provide multiple models to get benefits from the both and to select based on the context and needs of organizations. In integrating the elements from each method, I will aim to combine a set of elements by using a decision-tree-like structure.


First-hand professional experience in IT quality, process and performance management and Agile Software Development. Among the frameworks, closely works with ITIL, COBIT, and Scrum. In particular, consulted in a large-scale transformation of IT processes, tools and people of a Bank from waterfall to Scrum that is the biggest in the Middle East and East Europe in size and taking place in a highly regulated environment driven by COBIT. As a Software Efficiency Specialist, got the chance to see and gain experience on the overall IT by performing a broad and variety of activities in all aspects of process, technology and people of Software Development Department. Passionate about contributing to the body of knowledge by sharing with public speaking, academic publications and as a reviewer for international conferences. Nowadays, deeply interested in researching on balanced and scaled agile software development and the real agility.

Kitle ve Okutman






​A Systems Thinking Conference

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20th October 2022

21th October 2022


Elite World Asia İstanbul


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