6-10 Dec,2021 I Online


Nursel Cıbır

Accredited Kanban Trainer

  • Heyecan - Beyaz Çember
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How to Improve Your Agile Way of Working?

The talk is a case study of a Scrum team which uses Kanban practices and the Kanban Maturity Model and how the implementation of Improvement Kata enables the team to deliver more effectively. The talk focuses on how a blend of different models, frameworks and techniques help to meet the customer requirements in a more effective manner. The focus is on how Improvement Katas (modelled on the Toyota Kata techniques) can be used in a Scrum team which also uses Kanban practices and follows the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM). The focus on scientific thinking and how it can be used in tandem with the kata techniques enables the team to meet the customer expectations more effectively.

Key Takeaways

One Size Doesn't Fit All
Define Right Metrics, Track Them
Avoid Revolutionary Change
Focus on Continuous Improvement
Teach how to solve problems


Helping organizations to improve their flow and build a culture that strives for the best in people.  Has an experienced Agile Coach & Product Owner using the Kanban methodology to manage Agile transformations in various sectors.Using initiative to develop effective solutions to problems with an active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done efficiently. Co-organizer of the biggest Kanban community in Turkey and Technical Committee Member of Agile Kanban İstanbul Summit.