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Rucha Kapare

Head of Business Analysis
@Springer Nature Technology

21 October, 2022



Allyship in Agile - Are We Really Diverse and Inclusive?

Are we doing enough to welcome the DEI concepts at Agile workspaces?Though it is believed that Agile is more inclusive and equitable than what came before, A survey done through the BAI suggests that about 17% of individuals witnessed exclusion in inequity inside agile organisations and about 26% of them believed agile itself could actively create exclusion and inequality.So what are we doing for it? DEI is not a side project which a team or the Leadership has to work on. It’s an individual responsibility too which we can fulfil by being allies or better allies to the less privileged.


Hello, I am Rucha Kapare, I am a Business Analyst and an agile enthusiast. Working on something new everyday keeps me motivated. I have about a decade of experience in software development and product development is my love :)


During this decade I have realised the yearly performance cycle is the most important yet the most important ignored aspect by individuals could be because of the negative sentiment attached to it. I am a strong believer in ‘Performance Kaizen’ i.e making this cycle lightweight, engaging and gamifying it for an individual's development.


I like to facilitate meetings and workshops and also conduct sessions on Business Analysis and agile related topics. Being a BA and a BAM leader gives me ample opportunities to facilitate, share and learn.A travel freak and you’ll find me making plans or looking for destinations every now and then. I love reading and it's been an old love reunion during the pandemic. I relate to a lot of social causes and in my free time you will find me working for these or chilling with my parents and family.

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