6-10 Dec,2021 I Online


Sacha Storz

Agile Coach @TechDivision GmbH

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Bastian Hassloch

Agile Coach

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Business Agility with the Flight Level Concept 

EOS, market leader in additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing), has seen an intense development from a small garage company to a rapidly growing firm with 1000+ employees.


On the way this meant tackling many a challenge: Departments and units had to organize and structure themselves on the fly, as a results a lot of silos were built, a development hard to reverse. Due to increasing market pressure (both from startups and global players) product development was overburdened with way too many planned features. High Work in Progress led to evergrowing time to market. All the pressure and reorganization attempts threatened to harm the organization’s extraordinary culture.

Faced with all these challenges we, the Agile Coaches, were tasked with finding solutions by transforming the process organization, the way we work. We started 2019 based on the Flight Level Approach (Klaus Leopold) and were able to establish a new way of collaborating within a division of 800+ people. In our talk we want to share some of the learnings and findings of this journey.

What, among other things, we will cover: How a big room planning and a level 2 board (coordination) including a large group standup help us with coordination and planning across all teams. How OKRs help us on a strategic level to operationalize our strategy. How the flight routes concept helps us to make interrelations transparent and plannable on a team level.

Learn how an 800+ people division at EOS, a market leader in industrial 3D printing, used the Kanban Flight Level Approach to transform their way of collaboration and strive for more business agility.



Sacha Storz is a certified Scrum Professional, certified SAFe 5 Program Consultant, certified Kanban Professional, accredited Kanban Trainer and Management 3.0 facilitator. He is an Agile Coach at TechDivision GmbH, Germany, and also consults and coaches other companies. He has been an active member of the agile community for many years, giving talks and workshops at events such as Agile World, Manage Agile, REConf and Global Scrum Gatherings.

Bastian Hassloch is an Agile Coach at EOS GmbH and has been working in the Scrum and Kanban environment for more than 10 years. He is also a Flight Level Coach trained by Klaus Leopold and is a speaker at many conferences. His wealth of experience includes: Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, OKRs, 4DX, Flight Levels, training, coaching and Agile organizational development.