Tracy Defoe

President and Chief Education Organizer

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Learning the Improvement Kata - Stories and Observations from a Kata Coach


What does an agile or kanban professional need to learn and unlearn to become competent as a kata practitioner? Tracy Defoe shares stories from coaching, and learning the Starter Kata. The kata emphasizes paying attention to process and operating patterns - what does that mean? Why all the stress on visualizing data and patterns? What do we mean by scientific thinking, and why does that matter?



Tracy Defoe is an adult education consultant specializing in workplace learning. She is a proud Kata Geek and a humble lean practitioner. For more than 10 years, Tracy has been learning, coaching, and sharing her experiences with the Improvement and Coaching Kata. Tracy is keen on building community and connecting people through Kata Schools, Kata Girl Geeks, and the Kata Coaching Dojo. She is a frequent speaker at conferences including KataCon & KataCon EU. Tracy holds a MA (Education) and a BA (French). She lives works and zooms from her home in Vancouver Canada.